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It’s every 12-step tool combined, with some extra zest and love.

We wanted to create an app that has it all. We started with a meeting guide that allows ratings and homegroup members to become an admin of their meeting page. Then we added tools like prayer, meditation, and speaker tapes. Then we added medallions and achievements, and the ability to follow and connect with your recovery friends. With all of your help and collaboration, our app will have something to support everyone in recovery.


Well, it started when one of our founders was traveling for work and wanted to hit a meeting for his own personal recovery. He hit one meeting, and no one showed up. He hit another, and it wasn’t the format he was hoping for or what was on the local meeting guide.
His thought was: why do we have no way to know what a meeting is like before going to it? Couldn’t homegroup members tell us what the meeting is like. Couldn’t we even have some kind of meeting-goer feedback?
Being the vigorous alcoholic/addict that he is, he built it. And he added all the recovery tools he liked to use and then some. He and the 12ecover team are dedicated to creating the most comprehensive, useful recovery app available.


is to create this most comprehensive, program-enhancing recovery app on the planet.


Is that every addict or alcoholic of every kind, be given all the tools, guidance, connection, and support in order to fully recover.

Our future plans

Launch Date: Nov 30th, 2022

“First, we launch out on a course of vigorous action.” pg. 63 Alcoholics Anonymous
Next, we get your valuable feedback. Then, we will continue to develop new and exciting features to enhance the 12-steppers’ program. Our goal is to create the most comprehensive 12 step app on the planet.
What’s to come sponsorship tools, nightly inventory and spot check tools, a way to connect with potential sponsors on the app, and much more. First we need a group effort and your collaboration.