All the 12-step tools
in one place.

The Recover App has A meeting guide with a ratings system, comprehensive recovery tools, the ability to connect and follow your friends, and awesome content to help you work your program. It’s all the things in one app.
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Meeting Guide with Ratings (Anonymously of Course)

We allow users to leave ratings for meetings they love (or maybe didn’t love) and they can select descriptors of the meeting.

Meeting Admin

Homegroup members can become a meeting admin, share details about their meeting, post updates and announcements, and personalize their meeting page!

All your Recovery Tools in one Place


We have 12-step meditations, guided meditations, and a timer. Track your progress and earn medallions for your discipline.

Sober Calculator

See how many years, months, days, hours and seconds you have of sobriety. Watch days turn into months, and months turn into years… one day at a time.

Prayer Tool

Prayer library with audio if you just want to chill and listen.

Speaker Tapes

Hundreds of speaker tapes from some of the best circuit speakers in 12-steps.

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